Hotel Mono Azul - Blue Monkey Hotel
Right on the road to Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Costa Rica
1-800-381-3578 or (506) 2777-1548

Our Mission

Hotel Mono Azul is passionate about protecting our global and local resources. We focus on minimizing the environmental impact on our business—from purchasing our food to composting our waste. We purchase much of our produce and products locally and we do our best to educate people of all ages about the importance of tropical rainforests and conservation.

We work with many different environmental organizations through KIDS SAVING THE RAINFOREST which we helped to create and operate.  KIDS SAVING THE RAINFOREST offers incredible volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups of all ages.  KSTR operates a Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue Center located nearby and adjacent to The Blue Inn

Our sister hotel - The Blue Banyan Inn - is also deeply committed to our environmental work and ethos.  At the Inn we offer quiet standalone cottages the provide incredible views of the surrounding mountains. We are always open to working with environmental groups and continuing to find ways to become environmentally advanced and more sustainable.  We also feel strongly about collective action to preserve our global resources.  

Everyone should contribute what they can and as much as possible, at the Mono Azul adhere to the four "R's": Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and buy Recycled.

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